Mission Statement

Yankee Medical is dedicated to providing medical products, services and education with professionalism and quality as our focus. In this manner, we hope to help people live fuller lives within their physical limitations.

We aim to provide our staff with an atmosphere that allows for job security, job satisfaction and the opportunity for growth.

Welcome to Yankee Medical

Yankee Medical is the largest Orthotic and Prosthetic (O & P) laboratory in Vermont. We are the only Orthotic and Prosthetic facility in Vermont which also has a substantial Home Medical Equipment (HME) department.

We have several American Board for Certification (ABC) Orthotists and Prosthetists who provide custom orthoses (braces) prostheses (artificial limbs) and rehab equipment to patients throughout Vermont and into areas of New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts. Our O & P facility is ABC certified and our practitioners actively pursue continuing education to stay informed on the latest developments in orthotic and prosthetic technology.

We have several certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP) on staff who analyzes the needs of individuals with disabilities, assists in the selection of the appropriate equipment and trains the consumer how to properly use the specific equipment.  Our ATP’s continue to serve people with disabilities seeking technology applications to maximize their ability to function in their home, school and/or work environment.

Our HME department is able to provide home medical equipment products such as, wheelchairs, hospital beds and electric scooters, in addition to medical supplies and other medical commodities.  Yankee Medical works closely with physicians and other health care professionals to provide exactly what people need to maintain “freedom from immobility.”
Yankee Medical has multi faceted administrative staffs that are skilled in medical documentation and insurance billing. We have contracts with most insurances and will assist with various paperwork requirements. We explore every possibility to help patients meet their financial responsibilities.  In addition, we’ve made a commitment to protect your health information.  Please read our Notice of Privacy Practices for more details.