About Yankee Medical

Yankee Medical continues to evolve from it’s beginning more than fifty years ago in the orthotics and prosthetics business.  Yankee Medical has been family-owned and run for over 60 years. Starting with Orthopedic and Prosthetic services, the business grew to meet its patients’ needs from ambulatory devices and wheelchairs, through pain management equipment and bathroom safety devices.

Yankee Medical provides medical products, services and education with professionalism and quality as our focus. In this manner, we hope to help people live fuller lives within their physical limitations.  Yankee Medical is dedicated to ensuring its customers’ independence.

For a company to flourish for more than 60 years, all employees must not only listen carefully to the changing need of their customers, but also act on what they hear. Many home health care professionals or businesses that follow this strategy end up modifying their services to such an extent that they become different, yet vastly improved, companies.

Such is the case of Yankee Medical, Inc., a husband-and-wife owned orthotic, prosthetic, and HME business based in Burlington, Vt. Since it was founded, Yankee Medical (formerly called Roy’s Orthopedic Appliances) had enjoyed considerable success as a supplier of orthotic and prosthetics. Over time, however, it became apparent that O & P customers were also seeking equipment or other home health care products that the company did not carry. “It made a lot of sense for us to add HME to our business since we had been in the business of helping people with mobility and home health issues for so many years,” explains MaryAnn Ficociello, vice president and co-owner.

Specializing In Service

Yankee Medical has now offered HME for over 30 years. John Ficociello, a certified prosthetist orthotist and Yankee Medical president and co-owner, adds that introducing HME was a natural step since his company was already specializing in providing customized prostheses and braces. “It became clear that since we already had the technicians available to provide customized O & P, it would be an appropriate adjunct to offer customized HME such as wheelchairs.” John said.

Having an established state-of-the-art lab for custom fitting and repair work has given Yankee Medical a distinct competitive advantage in the HME market. Very few HME businesses have a lab with high skilled technicians and practitioners who are capable of taking a scientific approach and applying it to an individual need and diagnosis. This is important for our HME clients, since we have on-site staff who can repair or build things from scratch without having to send things out-of-state. This approach to problem-solving has earned the company a reputation among referring medical professionals as a knowledgeable resource.

A big part of Yankee Medical’s philosophy is a commitment to customer service which is vital for a home health company’s success.  The O & P and HME markets require similar service strategies.  In both, you’re dealing with many of the same patients, year after year, and relationships are very important. HME and O & P are available just about everywhere, but what can set you apart from your competitors is the “TLC”-attention to detail, follow-through, and credibility you establish with your customers.

Scott Wells, ATP and Vice President, concurs the service philosophy of the company is designed to motivate employees to constantly “go the extra mile for the customer.” Wells cites one case last winter in which a 200lb stroke patient needed assistance getting in and out of bed. “We drove over 40 miles in a snow storm, bringing equipment that would offer him some mobility”

Yankee Medical services locations all around Vermont.  The staff is professionally trained and the business is accredited by several healthcare certifiers such as the American 0rthotic and Prosthetic Association.