Over the years, Yankee Medical has received some wonderful letters of support and endorsement from patients, physicians and allied health care providers. We are proud to share them with you.

“They’re the best there is very very good, prompt when you need them, with prices where they should be. Any time I call, they’re here immediately.”
-­Clyde Wells (product line: HME)

“They are kind and courteous to deal with. Really decent people. I will always deal with them.”
-­Charles Galante
(product line: Knee Brace)

“They’ve done fine. They got me all the equipment I needed, and they got it to me immediately. The people were very nice, very helpful. I’m doing fine.”

-­Emile Boutin (product line: Prosthetics)

“The cushions have worked out very, very well, and the hair brush is working out beautifully. I bought the lift chair there because they can fix it if it needs anything. I was very pleased with their help and the products.”
-­Betty Doyle
(product line: HME)

“Hi Folks. Blessings on you. I’m wearing the orthotics all the time and the lower back is doing great…. Thanks loads.”

-­Alice Eschmann
(product line: Orthotics)   Made In Vermont: Life-Changing Devices